More about Paddy and Jack Sills…

jack sills stall circa 1947 (2)

Jack Sills’ stall on Leicester Market around 1947 (Chris Drouin)

My earlier blog on Paddy’s Swag Shop jogged a few memories, including those of Chris Drouin who has just sent me this wonderful photograph of Jack Sills’ stall on Leicester Market. It was Jack who gave Paddy Rogers his first job – see the blog at for more about it. Chris writes that:

‘I was interested to read about Paddy as my mother’s father was the Jack Sills he refers to in the interview snip. At a time when I was doing family history research, a photograph was passed to me of Jack’s market stall. The picture  is from around 1947 and the information recorded on the back is that Paddy is the man pictured  on the left. After the death of Jack Sills’ first wife he married a Dorothy Hoe, and she is the lady in the glasses behind the stall. No one else in the  photograph is known to us’.

Does anyone recognise any of the other people in the photo? Both Chris and I would be very pleased to hear from you if so.

More about the local schools coming soon…


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