Sacred Heart and Sister Columba…

As I mentioned in an earlier blog* some of the children living in the Charnwood Street attended Sacred Heart Roman Catholic School. Since then I’ve been contacted again by Arthur Beyless, who writes:

You say on the website that you did not know if I had the cane? Well as the ‘terror of the neighbourhood’ you would think that I would always be having the cane – but I received a few swipes from ‘Pop’ Riley only once in all the time from age seven to eleven. Could not have been very good at terrorising the neighbourhood…

Arthur also sent me this photograph of his class at the school in 1953-54, showing Sister Columba on the right and Sister Joan on the left. Arthur himself is fourth from the left among the boys in the back row, wearing a tie.

Class at Sacred Heart School in 1953 - 54 (Arthur Beyless)

Class at Sacred Heart School in 1953 – 54 (Arthur Beyless)

The photo was taken in the school playground at Mount Street,  and the shop sign in the background was on the corner of Mount Street and Edwin Street. Does anyone recognise the two priests in the photo, or any of the other children?

Many thanks Arthur – for the photo and for answering my question about the cane!



12 thoughts on “Sacred Heart and Sister Columba…

  1. I was thrilled to come across this story and photo….I was also in Arthur’s class but didn’t join them til 1957-58. I saw alot of friends on that photo…:) and loved his story about Mr Riley and the cane! Ah …I remember it well…I was scared to death the first time I saw a boy get the cane….I was from the USA and it was new to me. My sister Judy was in Sr Gemma’s class I think…sorry I don’t remember those priests…Fr Murdock and Fr Lynch were there when I went to Sacred Heart. Maybe Chris Carey will remember…just wrote to ask her.

  2. My mother, Patricia Bassford and her siblings attended Sacred Heart. She often had the ruler across her hand from Sister Columba, for being late.

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  4. This was Mount Road as I lived at 142 opposite the school playground and the shop was a grocery store owned by Jack Mellor. I was 13 when we left in 1970.

  5. wonder if anyone knows some of the former Sacred Heart students I am looking for….MARY HARE….MARY EATON & PAUL O’HARE….Having difficult time finding them. Many thanks if you know of them and can help.

  6. Anyone have any old pictures of sherrard street
    Think some of the street was demolished to Make for a school. Would be great if anyone has anything. 1950’s- 1970’s.

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