A Charny family…

John Tait (centre back) and brothers outside 29 Grove Road in 1952 (John Tait).

John Tait (centre back) and brothers outside 29 Grove Road in 1952 (John Tait)

Here’s a lovely family photo sent to me by John Tait, taken in 1952 outside his home at 29 Grove Road when he was 13 years old. John is in the middle at the back, wearing a school blazer. The others in the photo are his brothers Derek (back left), aged 15; Victor (front left), aged 11; and Geoffrey (front centre), aged 4. On the right at the back is Terry, aged 14, who was adopted. John’s eldest brother Jimmy and his only sister Phyllis had left home by the time the photo was taken.

John writes that:

In 1959 we all left the area and our parents took on a public house in the city centre, in Humberstone Gate, called the Black Lion. We were not there for many years as father’s health was fading, mother’s too. They had to retire, and after living in various city locations they applied for and were given a maisonette on the new St Matthew’s estate as retirees. The rest of us had left the nest!

The family was living at 29 Grove Road at the time of the bombing which destroyed several houses in 1940: ‘It was said at the time that a light was responsible for the bombing. My own opinion is that our road was not far from the railway goods yards and local engineering works, so I believe they were the targets’. Their own house escaped the damage, but ‘on my way to infants’ school in 1944 I also recall seeing chips out of the slabs on the pavements, and being told that they were the work of the Luftwaffe strafing as they flew overhead after dropping their bombs as they flew home’.

Many thanks John for the photo and the memories.


One thought on “A Charny family…

  1. Does anyone have any pictures of the wool shop on Charnwood Street? I used to live at the back of this shop at 173 Occupation Road.

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