Who was the Charnwood Street artist?…

Several people have mentioned an artist in Charnwood Street, and I’m hoping someone can tell me for sure who this was. Brian Papworth remembers that ‘on the corner of either Flint Street of Shenton Street an artist had his studio in an old shop and you could see his paintings through the window as you passed by’. Ruth Wragg also recalls watching an artist who ‘used to paint all sorts of wonderful pictures… us kids used to watch him to see how long it would be before he would shoo us off’. I’m told that his name was Fred Weston, but I can’t find him in any of the street directories. Can anyone tell me more about him, and what sort of things he painted?


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  1. The artists surname was definitely Weston, and I seem to recollect the letter F as the first name, but never knew what it stood for. The studio was on the corner of Flint Street and Charnwood Street,( my grandparents lived in Flint Street as well ), but I’m fairly certain that the artist owned/rented the whole property, and lived above the studio which would explain the absence of the studio in any records, and there wasn’t a name above the studio either. The property had obviously been a shop at one time with large plate glass windows on either side of the door allowing daylight to flood in. Although there wasn’t a general theme to his paintings, many of them were religious in nature and were usually on very large canvases. I think, (fairly certain), that they were oil based as well. My brothers and I would often stop and watch as we went to see Grandma and Grandad, this would have been throughout the Fifties. I don’t know what eventually happened to the studio, it’s almost as though it was there one day and gone the next! I wonder if he ever sold any paintings, and if so, where they are now?

  2. Further to Keith’s reply.In copies of Kelly’s Directorys I have to hand, although Frederick Weston was in Charnwood Street and being on the corner of Flint Street, the address was listed as 66, Flint Street as the front door to the living quarters was in Flint Street. He is listed as Frederick Weston artist in both residential and commercial sections of directories. I do remember him sitting in the shop doing his painting, and I do believe you could buy his paintings as he had them on display.
    Hope this has helped.

    Steve Poultney

  3. whilst I attended Charnwood St. school, I helped a lady carry her heavy shopping home from Humberstone Rd. to her home in Flint st. Knowing of the artists shop. I was surprised when she invited me into the rear of the building. Her name was Mrs Harris and there was a boy of my age at school called Douglas, who turned out to be one of her numerous children. Maybe they lived in part of the property. .

  4. Hi. I have two Kelly’s, 1951 and 1963 and in both our artist is listed as ‘Weston Fredk artist 66 Flint Street. I to used to stand and watch as I worked for Flinders Newsagents, just around the corner into Charnwood Street, as a ‘paperboy’.
    My friend who also lived in Farnham Street as I did and chanced to meet his daughter once who spoke of one of her father’s paintings in a church near Measham, perhaps.
    I cannot remember any other subject than religious on very large boards or canvasses.

  5. Hi.. all these comments bring back lovely memories for me… I was born at 54 Flint Street, and remember standing, on the corner, at his big fronted window watching him painting, i remember him doing a huge canvas painting of Jesus.

  6. This comment was posted on the ‘Welcome to Charny’ page by Irene Southwell nee Hall – I am copying it to this section as well as she remembers Fred Weston:

    Hello. I was born in Flint Street in 1926. Fred Weston’s studio was at the corner of our street. Before he started displaying his paintings, he used to put photos he had framed in the window. He did them so cheaply during the war that women from my factory, Thomas and Rileys down Green Lane, used to give me photos of their husbands and boyfriends, in their uniforms, to take to him to be framed. I remember the elephants being kept in a garage in Basil Street when the circus was in town. There was a fish and chip shop during my childhood, on the left just past St. Saviours Road.

  7. I lived in Mount Road as a young man and spent many days in Charnwood St. I would always look with fascination at the large paintings through the shop window. In 1975 I started in the antique business in Leicester, during the 1980’s I was offered a large group of painting. The paintings I was told, were from Weston’s studio. I found it interesting that these were the paintings that I saw as a young boy. Unfortunately, the paintings that seemed so interesting years ago were actually not very well painted and I did not buy them.

  8. Hi all, I have read with interest your comments. I think that Fred Weston is my great grandfather! I don’t have any of that side of my family left that I know of but my mother would often talk of her grandfather the painter. She had several of his paintings that have now come to me. I would love to know more and determine if this is one in the same man.

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