Photos of streets in the Charny area…

I was recently pointed in the direction of a website, Highfields Remembered, which has photos of Charnwood Street and other streets in the area. I would never have thought of looking there, as strictly speaking Highfields is a separate area of Leicester – but they include photos of Basil Street, Edward Street, Farnham Street, Newby Street, Occupation Road, Preston Street, Shenton Street and Vulcan Road. You can find them at

Thanks to Roy Freer for telling me about this website.


One thought on “Photos of streets in the Charny area…

  1. Hi, the picture above was given to me recently by my father in law who thinks he is part of the picture. Not a good image though. In looking at the image above a bit on the end is missing, a boy with his bike. Can’t find this photo anywhere on the site to enlarge and see if it is him. Any advice gratefully appreciated. Laurence

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