Children on Charnwood Street – do you recognise anyone?

The photograph at the top of this page was taken by Michael Westmorland just before Charnwood Street was demolished in 1970. It shows some children near the corner with Edwyn Street. Here’s a close-up of that part of the picture which extends to the corner itself, and also shows a boy with a bicycle. I can’t make it any larger without blurring the image – but does anyone recognise any of the children? Please leave a comment and tell us if you do!

charny with children close up croppedMany thanks to Michael for permission to use the photograph.



3 thoughts on “Children on Charnwood Street – do you recognise anyone?

  1. my name is carl lee i am the boy at the front of the photo with my arm in a sling, the boy to the right of me is spud Freason, the tall girl behind me is Georgina Broughton, the little girl
    to left of me is Rose Shields,the boy next to rose looking behind him is called Paul Brown, and the boy behind him is my brother Mark Lee but i don’t remember the rest of the kids. When you see this message please contact me back….thanks Carl Lee

    • How fantastic to recognise yourself on this pic and give the names…I used to go shopping there in the 60s as a small boy and loved paddy swag shop . Wat memories this brought back…. happy days

  2. Does anyone remember John W Derbyshire who lived in Charnwood St in the 1950’s? His wife’s name was Lillian and they had 7 children. Alice ( known as Lillian ), Dennis, Lawrence , John, Marlene, Irene and Barbara. If so, does anyone remember the year that John Senior died. Thanks

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