Upper Charnwood Street…

Here are some pictures of Upper Charnwood Street taken by Denis Calow in December 1970, just before it was demolished.

Corner of Upper Charnwood Street and Vulcan Road in December 1970

88 – 106 Upper Charnwood Street and the corner of Vulcan Road in December 1970

These were mainly houses rather than shops, though a few businesses were run from them over the years. In 1932 there was one shopkeeper, Mrs Frances Gertrude Dendle at number 48, a lady’s hairdresser, Mrs Dorothy Bagshaw, at number 4, and Horace Bellamy, a gents’ hairdresser at number 2.

Upper_Charnwood_Street_96106_1970In 1966 there was a hairdresser, Mrs Margaret Walker at number 2, and a butcher, C. Henshaw, at number 48, next to the entrance to the foundry of Taylor and Hubbard, crane makers.

Photographs: copyright Denis Calow, reproduced here in accordance with in accordance with My Leicestershire History licence http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/uk/. My Leicestershire History website http://specialcollections.le.ac.uk/cdm/myleicestershirehistory. 


7 thoughts on “Upper Charnwood Street…

  1. I used to live at 173 Charnwood Street,(i think thats the right number), the entrance to our house was on occupation road, the shop in front of our house was a wool shop. As far as I can remember we were one of the few remaining family’s to leave.

      • Hi June, nice to hear from you, yes it is sad to see what they have done to the place, I spent many happy times round that area, I went to Moat Girls School then later went on to work at Grattans the mail order company.

      • Hi, l attended Dale Girls, once every 8 weeks or so a group of ladies mostly 6 of us, all born roughly late 1940-1953 in the area all meet up for lunch or coffee, we have a good gossip and we visit Charnwood area spinny hill park, afew of them went to Moat girls, l was born 1947′ nice talking to you, you can find me on face book,

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