Merry Christmas…


Dolls made by the Leicester company Cascelloid

Dolls made by the Leicester company Cascelloid (with thanks to East Midlands Oral History Archive)

A very Happy Christmas to everyone, and all best wishes for 2016.

Christmas set me thinking about a shop not far from Charnwood Street. I recalled it as Berridge’s, on Humberstone Road, but have been reminded that it was actually called Burbage’s and was on Uppingham Road. I think it sold mainly bicycles and electrical goods, but they had toys as well that could be chosen for Christmas and then paid for week by week. I remember having a doll from there one year as a Christmas present. My Mum and I used to stop off at Sparrow Park on the bus into the city centre and make the payment – and I could see the doll lying in its box on the shelf for weeks on end before it was actually time for it to be collected!

*There are some memories of Charny at Christmas from previous years at and



3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas…

  1. I recall the shop and it was called Burbages and it was actually on Uppingham
    Rd. Humberstone Rd becomes Uppingham Rd at the junction with Overton Rd near the old Shaftesbury Cinema or the Shaz as we used to call it. I was born on Uppingham Rd in 1955.
    Nick Geraghty

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