School hymn books and other memories of Charny…

I was contacted recently by Tricia Todd with some of her memories of Charnwood Street. She’s happy for me to share them, so here they are:

The Post Office on the corner of Charnwood Street and Farnham Street (Paul Dorrell)

The Post Office on the corner of Charnwood Street and Farnham Street (Paul Dorrell)

I came to 56 Farnham Street with my parents Lillian and Denis Wright, who took over the corner grocery shop opposite the Post Office in Charnwood Street in the late 1950s. I have an older sister Judith, and we became very good friends with Paul Dorrell whose parents owned the Post Office. I attended Charnwood Street nursery, infant and junior school. The teachers were in our 1st year, Mrs Charlesworth, then moved up into the tower to Mrs O’Conner, then to Mr White, and our last year was Miss Simpson, who became Mrs Wade.

I remember the class Christmas party. I think that there were at least two more classes in each year, and we had to take our own cutlery and plates and bowls with a marker on it (normally a piece of sticking plaster, something that didn’t come off when washed), and then into the hall for games, and one year some dancing. Every morning we attended assembly, and we came in to the hall to Grieg’s’ “Morning” symphony. If you lost your hymn book you quickly acquired another one (by fair means or foul)!

Mum’s maiden name was Gent, whose family lived in St Saviour s Road, so when she saw the post about the bombing in Grove Road she was very interested (see


3 thoughts on “School hymn books and other memories of Charny…

  1. I remember that shop I used to go in there then I used to go down occy day great memories x Lesley berridge I used to live in basil st x

  2. Hiyh i ave jyst been lookung at the photos of charnwood street when i was 6 i lived at 127 with my mum brother and sister i use to go to the cirner shop for my mum all u remember is a old man and woman working there lovely people they took me ti the seaside for the day as i was young to temember alot there was alotof empty houses around and i remember there was a derelict factiry at the back of our house with cobbled paths and the corner shoo was jyst after that my memories are of living there were hapoy and i often think of the couole from the shoo who took me seaside x and the car in that photo looks like the car we went in:)

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