Charnwood Street school photos from the 1950s…

Roy Freer has sent me his class photos from Charnwood Street School from 1954 – 59. Some of you may recognise him – he’s the one on the right with fair wavy hair in the wigwam photo. This was taken in the playground after the class photo, and ‘was staged as an idea of the photographer and maybe the teacher, I guess. I think various groups of us had a similar photo taken after swapping blankets and headdresses’.

Roy's Indian pow-wow lo-res (2)In the photo below he recalls the female teacher’s surname as Bywater or Bywaters: ‘Miss or Mrs, I’m not sure, but we called all lady teachers Miss back then’. He thinks the male teachers in the other photos may have been Mr Evans and (the tall thin one) Mr Eaton, but he’s not sure. Can anyone help?

Roy at Charnwood Street School 1 lo-res (2)

Charnwood Street (1)

Roy lived in Shenton Street, but when he left Charnwood Street School he went to Ellis Boy’s School on Ellis Avenue, near the Melton turn on Belgrave Road, rather than Dale or Moat, the nearby schools: ‘I was the only one from Charnwood Street… so I lost touch with all but two of my classmates. Dale Street was a Secondary Modern, and Moat was one of the so-called Intermediate schools. Moat was full, and I didn’t qualify for a place at Grammar school, so the two Intermediate school options were Ellis or King Richard, and my parents chose Ellis for me’.

Roy at Charnwood Street School 2 lo-res (2)

Charnwood Street (2)

‘It turned out to be a good thing that Moat was full. Both Dale and Moat were originally mixed boys and girls schools, but after a year or so  of me going to Ellis, Dale and Moat joined together. The boys all moved from Dale to Moat, and the girls from Moat moved to Dale, and both became Secondary Modern, Moat losing its Intermediate status’.

Roy at Charnwood Street School 3 lo-res (2)

Charnwood Street (3)

Hardly any Secondary Modern schools had the option of taking GCE ‘O’ levels, but being at an Intermediate school meant that I could (and did) take them in the 5th year’. Roy adds that ‘I could have gone onto a Grammar school to take ‘A’ levels, but I went to Charles Keene College to take mine’.

Roy at Charnwood Street School 4 lo-res (2)

Charnwood Street (4)

Many thanks to Roy for sending the photos and his memories. If you recognise yourself or someone else, please leave a comment and let me know!



19 thoughts on “Charnwood Street school photos from the 1950s…

    • Interesting Pam.
      I must admit most of my pals who lived close to me went to Dale, but when we were hanging around or chilling (as kids would say today), meeting up, gong around etc out of school hours and in the holidays, I don’t ever recall talking about school 😉

    • Hi Robert my name is Elaine (nee Wayte ) my sister Sue is in photo #4 third from right in front seated row we use to live at 59 Farnham st we have a brother Roger 😊 your name is really familiar to me 😊. I’m sure we were neighbours and our parents were good friends . 😊x

    • It’s great how people are identifying others in the photos I sent in.
      Thanks Robert and Elaine and thanks to Bob Bristow for your comments.

  1. Hi Robert, I do remember your name but I couldn’t pick you out on my photos. I remember quite a lot of the names, some I can identify. Others, the more I look, just when I think I know which one they are, I see another face that I think is that person and then I can’t decide between the two. I can’t believe I wouldn’t have known all the names back then, but many of them escape me completely now (I don’t even recognise some of the faces at all).

    • Hi Roy,

      I too went to Ellis Boy’s Intermediate school around 1959 – 1961 – and remember a curly fair-haired lad on a school trip to Luxembourg. The surname was Freer, but can’t recall the Christian name. If it was you then happy memories of a great school trip and hope life is treating you well. regards Bob

      • Hi Bob
        Yes, I own up, it was me. I have some photos in an album, I must scan them in. I remember your surname too. Our first school trip abroad. Loved that trip, also went back in the late 70s – Echternach just hadn’t changed, it brought back so many memories. Were you in the ‘A’ or ‘P’ classes with me? P for parallel (even back then they daren’t say B in case we felt inferior 🙂 Yes all is fine with me, you too I hope.
        If you look at my last Charnwood street school photo, that was 1959, I doubt I looked much different. Look me up on Facebook if you’re on there (if not, I don’t mind if Cynthia, who runs this site, sends you my email address), I can send you copies of my photos of the Ellis trip.

  2. boy on extreme right back row I think is Andrew Thomas, he had a sister Janet, they lived on StSaviours rd. Think the second boy in second row from back is John Larder. (photo4)

    • Paul, yes it is Andrew Thomas. The house in St Saviours road where he lived was immediately behind the yard of our house, almost in the middle of Shenton street. As for John Larder, I think you’re right. If you mean second boy in from the left of the photo, on the second row. I’d forgotten his name. Next to the teacher on the left, second row is me, then John next to me.
      Paul, are you related to Michael (Mick) Howlett?

      • Sorry for the delay in replying Roy. Yes Mick is my elder brother ( by two years ) he now lives in Queensland Australia and is on facebook. Regards, Paul.

  3. Photo4 if my memory serves me right. Back row l-r Kathleen maitland,Milfred Lovell,Eric gibbons,Harry weeks,Bill Shelton,Andrew row Roy freer,John larder,Peter Marshall,Steve cornish,Chris Dewey,Philip goodhead?, cannot remember,Ian Vincent front row Bruce hand,cannot remember, Alan pykett, and myself Robert Ainge . Alan pykett a few years ago organised a reunion which a few of us attended. Regards Robert Ainge

    • Hi Robert. It was Peter Goodhead. He was my best friend at Charnwood street, we didn’t keep in touch through different senior schools, but mid 60s at Charles Keene, someone told me he had died, so young (choking and choked to death on the way to hospital I was told).
      I do remember other names on the photo, and the faces but I’m not very good at matching the names to the faces.
      Not sure why but it was in my mind that the boy on the front row, extreme left was Alan Pykett. I do know the second boy along from the left on the front row is David McAngus.
      Second row (behind 1st/front row) blond girl extreme left is Audrey Tilton. Centre row, right hand side, not sure who the girl on the extreme right is, but the second girl along is Rosalind Kettle (Years later in the 80s – 90s, I worked with her sister, Sue, at Leicester Poly/DMU). Third girl along is Linda Chadburn, next but one girl (5th) first name Pat, can’t remember her surname.

      • Roy,the boy on the left is Bruce Hand and Alan Pykett is 2’nd right next to myself. The girl 5’th along is Pat Macnight. Regards Robert.

  4. Trawling my memory banks I remember an incident, whilst playing on Sherrard road a boy was struck by a lorry. I ran home in a blind panic. Unfortunately cannot remember the boys name or how he faired, but if anyone remembers the incident I would be grateful for any information. Paul.

    • Hi, what age are you? I lived on sherrard road. I am 64 and went to charnwood junior and then moat girls.. My name is Lilian Ward and I lived at number 75 sherrard road. I hung out with Lorraine McDonald and marrion.. Was trying to think back of any accidents on the road!

  5. Hi Roy, Bill Shelton here. I have one of the photos but have not seen the others since the 50s. Wonderful memories . Went to Moat in 1958. You may know but I have been a Labour Councillor in Leicester since 1999.

    • Hi Bill. Glad you enjoyed seeing our old school photos. It’s great how people in the photos keep turning up and identifying the others who’s names we forget, or putting faces to the names we remember As it happens I didn’t know about you being a Councillor though.
      I hardly saw anyone from Charnwood Street after I left because I was the only one from Charnwood Street who went to Ellis, so I lost track of where others went to

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